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Intimate Speaker Enclosures was born from a desire to create, develop and produce loudspeaker enclosures whose geometry would reveal the true potential of commercially available transducers. Inspired by the superb sound of Audio Nirvana line of full range drivers, we set out to elevate their performance from excellent to stunning.

The designs displayed offer the listener an intimate, “being there” experience which audiophiles quest for. Resolution of details within the recording, while still sounding musical, is the promise kept by these loudspeaker designs.

All of the enclosures are custom cut and constructed in our shop by a single artisan. The speaker systems we offer are produced on a made-to-order basis, as all are custom: labors of love for those who love music and need it to live well.

The enclosure shop is capable of producing most any design. Should you be an individual who is a do-it-yourselfer, but lacking in woodworking skills, we are happy to produce your enclosure design for you given proper plans. We will need the transducers so we may properly size the holes for ease of placement.

Audio Nirvana drivers are our first choice in full range drivers. Their high sensitivity, dynamic range and ability to reproduce subtle detail often missed in good recording is without parallel. The Audio Nirvana website provides excellent explanations as to why full range driver speaker systems simply get the music right. Coherence of reproduction and pristine clarity are the hallmarks of the path to true audio nirvana.

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All designs are hand built from a combination of ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4” MDF and 1/2″ Russian birch. The rigid panel and glue enclosure holds resonance to a minimum, allowing the elegance of the chosen drivers, a firm foundation from which expresses their sonic characteristics. Veneer choices are broad and varied. We have done laminate, exotic hardwoods and automotive paint, greatly expanding the finish choices to accommodate Individual aesthetic demands. Laminates offer enhanced durability and ease of care over painted surfaces, while our epoxied hardwoods are works of art.

Butterfly Designs

Butterfly Boxes FamilyThis design features an 8-sided pyramid which lends itself equally well  to either a single full range speaker or a 2-way design. The sound is full, expansive and detailed, with a clarity that is stunning. This enclosure has been proportionally designed to accommodate single full range drivers from 4” to 12” in diameter. Our preference here on a size to satisfaction is the 8” model. Available as either a single full-range or a 2-way design, this speaker is lovely to look at and a pleasure to listen to.











Heart Design

121201_Adamson_Speakers 0268This design was so named for its silhouette in cross-section and its emotional impact. As a dual line array dipole it offers the listeners the sonic illusion that only a direct/reflective transducer configuration can: warm, detailed and engaging with a sound stage that is broad and deep.














Modified Open Baffle

For those who prefer to listen to large drivers, either full range or co-axial in the 15-18” diameter size, we have developed the half pyramid. This design has a partially closed back producing limited resistance. When tone controlled or subwoofer augmented, stunning results are achieved in a fraction of the enclosure size normally required for a closed design.


Going Forward

Being inquisitive and experimental by nature, and suffering from the audiophile disease of perpetually searching for the ultimate listening experience, new designs will be presented when they are vetted and production ready.

Amplification and Source

There is a blessing and a curse when the world of high sonic resolution is entered. Recordings you once believed to be well recorded will fall well short of the bar you have now set for yourself. That being said, I encourage you to go to the light … tubes (valves) that is! Whilst tube gear does require a bit of looking after, nothing provides the listener with greater sonic satisfaction. Tube integrated amps and tube output CD players are readily available to the audio seeker of excellence as are tube pre amplifiers. Good solid state equipment seeks to sound “tube like” so why not simply go to the source? The tube integrated offered by Audio Nirvana represents an excellent choice and value. Do not be put off by its low power rating. It is more than adequate to satisfy the typical 15’ x 20’ listening room with high efficiency drivers.