Choose Size of Enclosure

For a typical size listening room of 15’x20′, the 8 inch Butterfly model is very satisfying.  Your listening room will dictate the best size.


Choose Material

Hearts are built of MDF.

Butterfly models can be in 1/2″ Russian Birch or 1″ MDF.  Our experience has been that the tones from birch are more musical, while the MDF may have better low end.  We really enjoy both materials.  It’s simply a matter of taste.


Choose Finish

Standard finish is in a vertical laminate; high gloss black, red, white; or in a matte finish.

For laminates: check

For dyes: check The Russian birch models lend themselves to dyes in a wide range of colors.  We recommend the alcohol dyes for their vibrant colours.

For Veneer: check

All custom work will be quoted, as details are received.  Most orders are built and shipped in 14-21 days.

speaker and laminate options

Quilted Bubinga Veneer Face and laminate

laminate options

Laminate options

121201_Adamson_Speakers_low 0178

Black Walnut Burl Veneer and Laminate


Black Walnut Burl Veneer and Laminate