Listening to these speakers has changed the way I hear music.  It’s now difficult for me to listen to music in my car, with headphones, or on my current surround sound system, as the quality of sound these boxes and speakers produce is much more than I have ever experienced. – Andrew C.

Resolved, illuminative and musically correct. – Howard B.

I have never heard imaging like this before. Top to bottom, a delight. – Jamie S.

Beyond my expectations. The whole sonic image in natural balance. Brilliant. – Ralph C.

Just plain fun. – Sharon H.

Sounds like real music. Blown away. Awesome. – Tommy C.

Speed and accuracy. Amazing tone. Natural. Effortless. Very cool. – Barry P.

Musical flow, organic tones and timbres. Musically coherent. Very cool. – Frank T.

Perfectly balanced and transparent sound. – Tess S.

Uncanny vocals. Supreme clarity. I can’t stop listening. – Mike Z.

Sounds like real music. These are the last speakers I will need. – Ed P.

Rich, open and detailed sound stage. Simply gorgeous. – Bill D.

Conveys the emotional content of a song while revealing subtleties I never knew were contained in the recording. I have always liked Audio Nirvana, but in your 8″ butterfly enclosure I am blown away. – Marc A.

I have never experienced such a massive sound stage. Can’t stop listening. – Joan K.